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Anew in Creation, Anew in Giving, Anew in Joy


Here at Plants and Blooms Reimagined seeing renewed people/plant connections as a pathway to enhanced well-being is our philosophy and our practice, informed by expansive empirical research and the evidence-based practice of horticultural therapy. It is the intentional use and renewed use of indoor plants and cut flowers that realize the most barrier free, impactful connections and services possible, where even the most vulnerable (i.e., homebound persons, visually impaired older adults, unhoused women) can be reached and engaged.  The experience of Plants and Blooms ReImagined is available to and inclusive of all.

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Seeing and Believing Anew

Renewal is indeed at the heart of Plants and Blooms ReImagined.  We maintain not only the restorative capacity of nature engagement, but also the avid belief that enhanced wellbeing is rooted in renewed hope, in renewed spirit, in a renewed being of joy.  Our core giving and therapeutic services amplify opportunities to see, believe and affirm anew one’s value, strength, ability and beauty as mirrored in repurposed plants and blooms.


Making a Difference Together

At Plants and Blooms Reimagined, we understand the vital importance of our collective work.  From the one-on-one nutritive connections with our most immediate stakeholders to our many community collaborations and allied partnerships, we not only advance our mission, but that of others -- catalyzing expanded community well-being, resilience and impact.  We work to make a difference together.

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"Horticultural Therapy has been a wonderful addition to the McClendon Center’s "bouquet of services." The clients love the group so much. They have learned a lot about plants and themselves. We are so happy to be in partnership with Plants and Blooms ReImagined."

Aisha Shabazz, Program Director McClendon Center Day

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