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Plants & Blooms


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Elevating nature-based wellness and facilitating the greatest access, especially for the more vulnerable among us, to the beauty, joy, inspiration and health benefits that nature connections embody, is the why of Plants and Blooms ReImagined (PBR),  and was the impetus of its founder, Kaifa Anderson-Hall, long-time social service and horticulture professional advancing the well-being of youth, adults and communities in the DC metro region.​


The world of horticulture and profession of horticultural therapy have provided a deep understanding and reverence for the impact of the people/plant connection.  Kaifa’s career experience as a counselor and social worker was instrumental in establishing her core belief in the dignity, worth and aspirations of all people. Her greatest teachers were often the children and adults facing the greatest challenges in achieving quality of life, never wanting to be counted out in their process of overcoming.  Their resolve, hope, and vision for better, for new, is the spirit of Plants and Blooms ReImagined.​


Visioning how best to offset the challenges that limit (or eliminate entirely) enriching outdoor nature engagement for so many, a benign spotting of Children’s Blood Mobile unit (where mental trickery transposed the “d” in Blood to an “m”), provided the most obvious response.  Since 2016, PBR “transports” nature’s benefits to where people reside, recreate, and are served, via the readily attainable, but no less impactful, interaction with indoor plants and cut flowers.  Sourced various ways, “reimagining” donated indoor plants and post-event and surplus market florals, comprise more than 80 percent of the PBR experience, advancing a collective commitment to socially and environmentally conscious end-of-use practices.  

PBR’s founder was also one of DC’s Department of Energy & Environment 2021 Sustainability Award recipients.  Mayor Bowser Honors 9 DC Leaders with 2021 Sustainability Awards | ddoe

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Plants and Blooms ReImagined’s mission is to facilitate the accessibility of therapeutic horticultural engagement via the predominant use of repurposed flowers and indoor plants to achieve enhanced wellbeing for vulnerable communities in the DC area.


Transforming lives through the connection and power of nature’s most accessible expressions -- plants and flowers.

Wet Flower

Vision: Always believing and seeing what’s possible.

Accessibility: Facilitating understanding, opportunity, and engagement that’s available to all.

Value: Having the greatest respect for the dignity, worth, voices and diversity of all.

Inspiration: Uplifting with passion, energy, motivation, creativity, and joy in all that we do.

Collaboration: Building and strengthening mutually beneficial and impactful relationships and partnerships to achieve more together.

Stewardship/Trust:  Operating with the greatest integrity and sustainable practices.

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