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Plants and Blooms ReImagined’s volunteers, a.k.a. “The New Vision Team”, are special people. They hold the vision and make Plants and Blooms ReImagined come alive!  Fundamental to Plants and Blooms ReImagined’s operation is this core premise:  If we look with “new” eyes, there is likely always more that’s possible, more to be expressed, more that’s available to give -- applicable to plants, blooms, and most importantly to people. If this resonates with you and you value the people/plant wellness connection, have some joy to share and a minimum of 3 months to commit, join our community of volunteers today!  Together we make a difference!

Current Volunteer Opportunities 

The following are current volunteer opportunities.

·Post-event flower recovery (driving preferred, but not required)

·Indoor plant pick-up

·Bouquet arranging

·Indoor plant and/or bouquet delivery

·Program delivery assistance (experience working with high-needs groups)

·Fundraising/Special events

·PR/Communications/Social media

· Administrative support

· Other:

If you are interested in volunteering, thank you for completing this

volunteer application.

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