The Heart of Inspiration

Kaifa Anderson-Hall has more than thirty years’ combined experience as a social service and horticulture professional advancing the well-being of youth, families and communities in the DC metropolitan area. Plants and Blooms ReImagined springs forth at the intersection of these two paths— harnessing the healing power of flowers and plants to nourish the heart, mind and spirit of youth, families and communities.

The transformative nature of plants was rooted early in her young life beginning with receiving a 3” dieffenbachia plant as part of a city-wide youth horticulture program whose mission it was to grow green connections with inner-city youth. Not only did the houseplant usher in her love for indoor plants and the larger growing experience that the program provided, but it forever linked her to the Washington Youth Garden program, one that some several decades later she would have the privilege of serving as Program Director – paying forward the invaluable gift received as a child by cultivating others’ (youth and adults alike) connection to and love for plants and the environment.

Just as Kaifa’s Washington Youth Garden experience was seminal in cultivating a deep appreciation for the power of plants, her first career experience as a counselor and social worker was instrumental in establishing her core belief in the dignity, worth and aspirations of all people. Her greatest teachers were often those children and adults facing the greatest challenges in achieving quality of life, never wanting to be counted out in their process of overcoming.  Their resolve, hope and vision for better, for new is the spirit and purpose of Plants and Blooms ReImagined.   

Other Inspired Experiences

As a long-time Holiday Cheer for Seniors meal delivery volunteer, Kaifa has delivered hundreds of Christmas dinners to seniors in public housing throughout the DC community.  More recently Kaifa has combined the holiday meal delivery with the gift of poinsettias. Seniors highly anticipating and thankful to receive the meal are always surprised and delighted, and some even overwhelmed, to receive the additional gift of nourishment and beauty.

As horticultural therapy volunteer and intern with Melwood, Kaifa has valued the opportunity to work alongside the differently abled adult participants in the horticulture program.  From caretaking greenhouses full of indoor and outdoor plants that they sell to the public, to creating floral arrangements for special events or for their own personal enjoyment, the transformative nature of the individuals’ connection to plant-based experiences is evident by their level of commitment and pride displayed in their work.

A little over a year ago, Kaifa was introduced to Seabury Resources for Aging Home First program by way of a long-time friend, passionate senior advocate and avid horticulturalist.  Inspired by his commitment to bring additional experiences to the Home First residents, she began volunteering with him - facilitating horticultural therapy activities with eight of its residents via the use of repurposed arrangements (Kaifa provided) and donated indoor plants (provided by her friend). The guided interaction with the indoor plants and floral arrangement not only increased their degree of enjoyment, but their level of social engagement, as well. This would be the beginning of the hands-on application of Plants and Blooms ReImagined.