Plants and Blooms ReImagined is an opportunity for so many to make a difference through their giving. There is the unique opportunity in the donation of indoor plants which, like repurposed arrangements, is at the heart of Plants and Blooms ReImagined increasing access to the gifts of nature and providing greater joy and enhanced well-being for many in need, and essential are the human and financial resources, sponsorships and other in-kind donations that sustain the work of Plants and Blooms ReImagined. Give today!

Relocating from your home or office and your beautiful indoor plants can’t make the journey?  Have you imagined donating them to an assisted living community, but don’t know how?  Plants and Blooms ReImagined partners with a wide array of service providers and community organizations in the DC region that serve the needs of under-resourced and other marginalized groups. Your donated plants will enliven a homeless shelter, nourish the souls of seniors in assisted living facilities, provide a sense of purpose for differently-abled adults, and more.

Plants and Blooms ReImagined provides coordinated pickup of donated indoor plants with at least two weeks notification. The schedule will be arranged between Plants and Blooms ReImagined and source provider. To ensure that recipients receive the best quality plants, we ask that you send photos of the plants to be donated (email address provided on the form) and complete this form providing us with important additional assessment information. Note: Plants and Blooms ReImagined can only accept rooted plants that are potted.

Thank you for your interest in sharing your time and talents, your vision, and your imagination to support the work of Plants and Blooms ReImagined.  Click this link for more information.

Plants and Blooms ReImagined wish to thank those like you who behind the scenes embrace its mission and give from the heart and shared consciousness. Your financial contributions ensure the growth and sustainability of Plants and Blooms ReImagined in its service to the greater DC metropolitan area.

Plants and Blooms ReImagined is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization under IRS guidelines. We, therefore, acknowledge that your donation is fully tax-deductible and that no goods or services were rendered in return for your contribution.

The Plants & Blooms ReImagined tax I.D. number is #83-4487703

Donations can be made by check and sent to:
Plants and Blooms ReImagined
2832 Myrtle Avenue, NE
Washington, D.C. 20018
Thank you for your generous donation!