Plants and Blooms ReImagined believes that the beauty, joy, inspiration and healing power of nature’s gifts of indoor plants and cut-flowers should be experiences shared by all. As a 501c3 nonprofit, Plants and Blooms ReImagined was envisioned to be the source of these gifts of nature for those DC area residents who too often go without. Its mission is to increase personal enjoyment and enhanced well-being for under-resourced and other marginalized groups in the DC region through the gifting of repurposed (reimagined) cut-flowers and donated indoor plants.

With an established appreciation and application of repurposed arrangements and surplus florist material as a sustainable source of cut-flowers, as well as an important practice of environmental responsibility, Plants and Blooms ReImagined maintains sustainable relationships with businesses and individuals committed to socially conscious and environmentally friendly end-of-use practices. Its team of dedicated volunteers re-expresses end-of-use wedding and special event floral arrangements, florist and grocery store, and other cut-flower source surpluses to be given anew to foster connections with nature and for enhanced personal well-being to be experienced!

Recognizing also that as a result of public and private relocations and downsizing, many are choosing to donate indoor plants to a worthy cause, Plants and Blooms ReImagined receives such donations and similarly repurposes them, creating an available source of indoor plants to be given anew as well!

Plants and Blooms ReImagined works in partnership with a wide array of public and private service providers and community organizations to ensure maximum giving, as well as to grow awareness and adaptation of plant-based activities and programs to enhance the overall well-being of those they serve.