Monday, May 30, 2016

Arranging The Gift of Love!

Plants and Blooms ReImagined welcomed the month of May with establishing formal partnerships with Seabury Resources for Aging's Home First/Age-In-Place residences and its Springvale Terrace residence.  Based on the success of the initial relationship and volunteer work with Home First's Pleasant Hill house residents, Plants and Blooms ReImagined will increase access for more than 150 residents to the beauty and benefits of indoor plants and flower arrangements!
As the month of May comes to a close with honoring those who have given their lives for the preservation of freedom around the world, Plants and Blooms ReImagined enjoyed this past Friday celebrating life with children as they arranged very special gifts of love.  Young people (ages 4 to 15)of DC's Brentwood Apartment community (predominantly low-income residents) and members of the Brookland Manor Community Center Beet Street sponsored Friday After School Garden Club all squealed in delight to discover that they were going to be playing around with cut flowers to create arrangements to take home to their families.  Young people who are typically in motion in the garden - checking on newly planted seedlings, hunting down strawberries or figs and/or racing to be a part of the watering assembly line - were all indoors excitedly calling out for red and white and purple flowers (carnations and asters), deftly arranging and rearranging, admiring their creations and greatly anticipating when they would present their gifts of love to that special someone at home.  No surprise, moms were at the top of the list.  Yet, one young guy would surprise us all and bring our attention to this important time of Memorial Day observance.  He shared that he was going to give half to his mom and the other half he was going to take to put on his grandfather's gravesite in honor of Memorial Day because he got shot in the army.  How special was this experience for all of the children, but especially for this young guy.  What came in as a box of undefined cut flowers, left in the proud hands and hearts of children as reimagined and inspired arranged gifts of love!