Many hands come together to recreate beautiful bouquets from post event arrangements and florist surplus to enrich the lives of those who too often go without. This is one of a combination of services that Plants and Blooms ReImagined provides to create access and engagement opportunities and to grow awareness of the myriad of benefits indoor plants and cut-flowers provide.

Mobile Delivery and Outreach
Plants and Blooms ReImagined can be found at various senior communities, homeless shelters, day programs for differently abled adults, social service facilities, healthcare clinics, health fairs and more delivering plants and flower bouquets and providing outreach and mobile plant-based demonstrations.

Site Activity and Program Delivery
Plants and Blooms ReImagined’s site activities and programs extend the benefits of the plants and flowers even more by actively engaging participants in experiences that are both educational and therapeutic.  All activities and programs are designed for all ages and abilities and to provide creative and stimulating activities to further enrich the physical, mental and social lives of the participants. Sites determine if one-time activities or an established program is best in meeting the needs of those they serve.

Agency/Organization Presentations/Workshops
Plants and Blooms ReImagined is committed to growing awareness and appreciation of the extraordinary benefits that indoor plants and flowers possess in enriching overall well-being.  Presentations and workshops are designed for service providers and as a complementary component to Plants and Bloom ReImagined’s Site Activity and Program Delivery.